As the founder of Penguin Consulting my aim is to provide cost effective advice that empowers small business owners to achieve their goals. I started my career at one of the largest consulting firms in the world, before working as a manager in the Westpac and Woolworths internal strategy teams.

I’ve overseen and lead strategic and operational reviews for a diverse range of large corporate clients across Financial Services, Telecommunications, Manufacturing and Retailing. When I was working for a large consulting firm, my charge out rate was almost $10,000 a week and a small engagement would cost a client $80,000. These prices were of course beyond the reach of small business.

I started Penguin Consulting because I believe there is a market for short, sharp insights– without a 200 page report – at a fraction of the cost large firms usually charge. And at a cost that would be accessible to small business. We do not provide long client lunches or have expensive CBD offices. We do provide cost effective actionable insights. Through Penguin Consulting, I have helped a wide variety of SMEs achieve their goals.

Qualifications – Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws (Honours) from the University of Sydney.